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Alakananda Mukerji

She grews up on the River Ganges. Has since a long time ago left the restricted avenues of Benaras where life is inundated with a surge of shading and a consistent stream of souls. However so far she may winds up from those antiquated riverbanks, her memory, her craft, and for sure her exceptionally being - these are perpetually made up for lost time in the thought of interminable, consecrated stream.

Individuals and countenances, the surge of sounds, the impossibly old blending with the untarnishedly new - every one of the rhythms and rhymes of India: this is the wellspring of her identity. She spills out of this source, however has turned into the waterway - evolving, developing, streaming. What's more, what streams from her, her artwork, it is frequently a discussion between the me that she was and the me that she is getting to be. Recollections, media, materials - bits of canvas, bits of the past - anything she can get hold of: this is her specialty.

She is the medium. She is the stream.

The unpretentious tones of Europe, and the taking off soul of America: these stream in her as well, for in these spots she was additionally instructed, close by waterways with peculiar sounding names like the Aliákmonas, the Thames, and the Mississippi. These are a piece of her now and she is a piece of them. Also, she has changed, however her wellspring keeps with it.

She is a river, and a river is process. Art is process. Life is process.

She works in watercolor. She generally found the free-streaming nature of watercolor intriguing and perfect for experimentation. At first she thought this was some individual response to her source, to her life in Benaras, where everybody and everything is close, where there does not generally appear room enough to develop, and where family and companions, and India itself impact one's choices. She was silly. Now and again we don't see what we have effectively caught on. What's more, in some cases we don't comprehend what we have effectively seen. Watercolor was not a getaway. Experimentation does not fix her identity. Watercolor is her Ganges. It is her unending, holy stream. It is the sort of person she was, currently adding to her identity and her identity getting to be.

It is her medium. It is her. She is a waterway. She is the stream.

What's more, she is streaming. Her works that you see here today is the place she has touched base following quite a while of work. Be that as it may, a waterway never essentially arrives. She is transforming, She is as yet getting to be. What's more, we might all see where the stream takes her next, or where she takes herself, or where she permits herself to be taken, for it is all the same.

Her name is - Alakananda Mukerji - who lives in Manhattan, between the Hudson and the Harlem.

She experienced childhood with the Ganges. She is an artist. She is an educator. She works in watercolor. She is a waterway.

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