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  • Cubic Interlinked Diamond Set In Rodium Polish
    Softly twinkling in this sunlight, this petite cubic Diamond pendant set with cubic earrings will adorn any outfit. The multiple square shaped Rodium polished is simply set iwth AD for an understated look. Comes with a pair of Earrings. Fashion Jewelry Set with Rhodium plated Necklace and Ea..
    Rs 2,460
  • Dew Drop Diamond Set In Rodium Polish
    Exude style and grace with this meaningful Dew Drop design Set with diamonds covering it with Rodium Polish. Beautifully crafted in a combination  the design features a pair of diamond Earrings to represent the love you share with your partner.  Fashion jewelry Set with Rhodium plated N..
    Rs 2,325
  • Dragon Fly Complete Set In 925 Sterling Silver
    Subtle but impressive, this complete set creates a calm and soothing aura that is a pleasure to behold. An immaculate, created opalDragon Fly sits beautifully on the thick band bracelet , on the finggering , in the earring and a beautiful pendent which comes with a sterling silver chain.  Si..
    Rs 2,450
  • Everlight Circle Necklace & Bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver
    You will draw many admirers with this sterling silver Everlight Circle necklace with bracelet. Created in a teardrop shape, the design is adorned with multiple string chains specially set to 'dance' as you move. Exclusive to the Everlight Collection. 925 Silver Set with Necklace and Bracelet. ..
    Rs 3,150
  • Flower Diamond Set In Rodium Polish
    With style and individuality, this necklace with earring has been crafted with created Flower and diamond detail. A simple and classic pendant. This necklace exudes style and sophistication, featuring delicate, rodium polished flower with beautifully setted Diamonds . Fashion ..
    Rs 3,700
  • Heart Chain Multi Necklace & Bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver
    Add a little understated glamour to any look with this sterling silver necklace. Adding a fine chain centred intangled with a circles ,hearts, and adorned with glitter detailing, it is an elegant accessory. This beautiful set compliments with any wear ... an eye catching offcourse . ..
    Rs 3,150
  • Intangled Diamond Set In Rodium Polish
    Convey a feeling of endless love or friendship with this dainty Rodium polished necklace. set with American Diamonds Centred with a delicate infinity three drop symbol, this is a piece equally perfect as a fashion choice and a cherished keepsake. Beautiful Fashion Jewelry Set with Rhodium plated ..
    Rs 3,980
  • Matt Coin Set 925 Sterling Silver Set
    Just the finishing touch you are looking for, this sterling silver circle tag pendant chain with Earrings offers the ultimate in stylish simplicity. Wear it as is, or engrave a message with meaning to create your own personalised piece. Comes with a sterling silver chain. 925 Silver Set with Neck..
    Rs 2,800


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