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  •  Carbon Blue Trouser Top Jacket
    Women's denim trouser top set aren't the first thing you'd imagine when it comes to mind. If you love to wear denims with soft qualities, then you will adore this styled in full denim, complete with special and interesting contrasting print on the short jacket and trouser, and unique style lines. Th..
    Rs 2,550
  • Black & White Formal Dress
    Looks very professional and smart. Working in a corporate office atmosphere doesn't always allow for much variation in your wardrobe. Whether you are looking for clothing that makes the right impression for a job interview, classic ladies' business suits, or trying to find out exactly what is the..
    Rs 2,100
  • Denim Blue Dress with Long Coat
    Denim just might be the Antichrist of pants - they're like leg prisons disguised as jeans. This denim 2 piece - inner short dress paired with denim coat is so classy and elegant. It’s very fashionista. Denim's very sturdiness means you can do a lot without much clothing fuss. It’s a rugged cot..
    Rs 5,400
  • Metallic Grey  Dress
    Featured with the strapless design this dress can give you an elegant wearing. The assorted boxes will make you look more attractive. Fabric being Taffeta is a crisp much stiffer plain woven fabric made from silk or synthetic fibres. It is considered to be a "high end" fabric. Daring and dra..
    Rs 2,765
  • Mid Night Blue Long Dress
    Women’s maxi dresses are a hot trend that many have fallen in love with. These light, airy dresses have many advantages – they offer a romantic, sexy style that is also comfortable – A monochrome look is stately, elegant, and creates a gorgeous silhouette. This solid blue stretch dress is so clas..
    Rs 2,250
  • Red & White Spaghetti Dress
    A Spaghetti straps dress is held up by a skinny strap or fabric band over each shoulder. The fabric extends downward in an angled V-shape at the top of the chest. This Red and white stripes looks so very Friday wear with a low waist line short dress Fabric: Lycra Color: Red & White ..
    Rs 1,650
  • Red Party Dress
    Wear a micro dress into the fall session by choosing a style with quarter length or long sleeves. The sleeve length also helps balance the look of a fitted dress. This red and gold short dress with gold and rust color on the sleeves and bottom looks quite cluby and chic. Fabric: Lycra Color..
    Rs 1,350
  • Silver Short Dress
    The lack of fabric in a short dress can be offset in other ways. If you show your skin, balance the look with lots of bold jewelry. A rectangle shaped neck with a full cut sleeves and a shimmery material mini dress is a fun style that’s both – Cute n Sexy. Fabric: Lycra Color: White and G..
    Rs 1,350
  • White Short Dress
    Wearing micro mini dresses takes confidence; these super short, sexy dresses aren’s the most forgiving style. While they aren’t appropriate everywhere, but definitely can work well for clubwear parties and other informal or casual events. Its flowing neck with full cut sleeves gives a definition ..
    Rs 1,350


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